Collected Works


= and ≈
A Very Blue Lot
An Orange is Orange
Above the Eastward Crease
Balloon Took My Train Seat
Biking State of Peace
Bum Knee
But It’s Early
Cut the Gangrened Limb
Dental Hygiene
Don’t Be Surprised
Flickers of a Foreign Tongue
Fourth of Jooli
Graceful Assemblers
Haha, I Hate You
Hahaha, I Hate You Too.
Ham Casserole
Information Overload
I Broke This Story
Improbable Clouds
Is It?
Keep Making Your Marks
My Anxiety Does
Nosy Sqeetos
Pop Apartment
Rejoice, Rejoice
RIP Flip Phone
Should I Go Down Snake Trail?
Snoop Dogg’s Afraid to Leave His Stoop
Tiptoe the Tightrope
This These
Tyler is
Vanity Breakfast
We Share
Witness It

Zero’s Identity Crisis


Ralph Waldo Emerson – Self-Reliance
Robert M. Pirsig – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Tiny Stories

A Teacher’s Ruined Day
Best of Both Worlds
Both Feet in the Cube Business
Bow Down to the Best of You
Boxer in Town for a Visit
Conducting by Constellation
Dead Alarm
Dust and Gas
Farkle’s Friend BoBo
Fib Notches
Landslide Victory
Mailman’s Best Friend
Mountains into Molehills
Old Man Jenkinson, and His Lawn
Salamander Smith
The Dojo
The Head Nod
The Sounds of Sorry
Walk the Block: For Sale

Short Stories

Making a Stand (Pt. 1)
Making a Stand (Pt. 2)
Mullets Are Due for a Comeback
To Another Place
Visiting the House of Books (Part 1)


An Open Letter to People or Machines or Software Who Now Know I Looked at Pictures of Mila Kunis
I Believe
Look Forward
The Back of a Body Wash Bottle


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