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Word of the Day Poem: Edacity

Egads! I entered my boy Ellis at the fair’s pie eating contest And I’ve unleashed a monster! He finished through his twenty pies Then sat back in his chair Got bored with his engorged belly And started stealing from his neighbor And his neighbor’s neighbor And started eating through the table cloth And the table […]

I Wish There Were More Hours in the Day

But there aren’t So I have 24 To eat, sleep, and rest Travel to work, work, and travel back Secure my survival Attempt to connect with other humans Attempt to add value to the world and help others in some way Release the music inside of me (Though I don’t wish for more notes) Express […]

Moment of Clarity

I just had a moment of clarity where I realize I’m willingly breathing fluorescent air and staring at a screen for 8 hours a day in a windowless cube in the middle of a forest of twisted metal and concrete pillars

First Bronze Age Release – A Synchronized Walk

Read and share my first “single” from The Bronze Age: A Synchronized Walk Darryl moves his hands from his pockets Tending to a single cigarette Not that he would light two But that would be fine In an uninspired lane like this A dull dark street Nothing new and nothing neat He sighs Exhales his […]

Word of the Day Poem: Contiguous

The waiting room of a cramped doctor’s office The bleachers of a college football stadium A New York subway at 8:30 in the morning As a group we form a contiguous pair of legs We become stationary millipedes Filled with quietly romantic intraconnections The sides of our legs gently brushing up against each other Nerve […]