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Word of the Day Poem: Edacity

Egads! I entered my boy Ellis at the fair’s pie eating contest And I’ve unleashed a monster! He finished through his twenty pies Then sat back in his chair Got bored with his engorged belly And started stealing from his neighbor And his neighbor’s neighbor And started eating through the table cloth And the table […]

Word of the Day Poem: Sciolism

Randall, that rapscallion Was somehow accepted into all the Ivy League colleges in the world He was naturally excited Though “Higher” education was his true calling He mingled with a few crowds Wearing scarves and using expensive vaporizers With quasi-mythological botanical names Like “The Gaia Greenhouse Hose” and “The Pure Air of Dionysus” He really […]

Word of the Day Poem: Susurrant

If you look closely at her Tinder photo You can see the marks around her eyes That indicates she’d recently been crying Apparently she was caught in a college classroom closet With three boys and no morals And the rumors made for a susurrant campus Softly directed at her and her decisions She was thoroughly […]

Word of the Day Poem: Desuetude

Wooded greybrown areas Instincts and hysteria Desuetude steps, tracks, animals and traps FWAP Snatched up and bagged — desuetude \ DES-wi-tood, -tyood \ noun 1. A state of disuse.

Word of the Day Poem: Eire

Tyler, Tyler Ya from Eire, ey? Italy? Switzerland? Germany? Sweden? Netherlands? Norway? Many European lands reveal the doorway to my past I’m a mutt, a genetic cosmopolitan cocktail My ancestors must have tales But I’m disconnected, my past is veiled Like the rest of my life On my search for my self It’s the internet […]