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Camera So Good

Camera so good It captures the light from tomorrow Advertisements

Stunner With the Cashew Shoes

Look at this stunner With his cashew shoes And his peanut brittle haircut All the girls on the pass Catch love-struck tongues And nothing comes out Peanut butter jelly On the roofs of their mouths

Fear of Unintentional Repetition

When I get ideas I never know for sure If they’re new Or if they’re recycled from another time in my life I’m afraid I go through a year’s worth of ideas Then at the end I get amnesia And wind up repeating all of them from the beginning And everyone on the outside knows […]

Simon Says

Simon says touch her shoulder Simon says wrap your arms around and squeeze Simon says kiss her on the neck for excitement Simon says eskimo kiss Simon says put your belt back through the loops Simon says get off the couch Simon says open a window Simon says you aren’t married Simon says you don’t […]

Mood Still Strikes

7:10 split And the mood still strikes