Word of the Day Poem: Edacity

I entered my boy Ellis at the fair’s pie eating contest
And I’ve unleashed a monster!

He finished through his twenty pies
Then sat back in his chair
Got bored with his engorged belly
And started stealing from his neighbor
And his neighbor’s neighbor
And started eating through the table cloth
And the table itself
And the grass below the table
And the legs of the spectators
And the legs holding up the tent

Ellis shoveled everything into his body
With eloquent edacity
Without a break in his shovel
With his right hand
Then his left hand
Then his right hand
And on and on he went

He ate through the signs
The bleachers
The buildings lining main street
The sky
The sun
The clouds
Then eventually the day itself

He completed the contest
Was named the victor
By the widest, burpiest margin
But then his belly popped when
The judges pinned the #1 ribbon just below his chin

Out spilt the most magnificent pie
Any onlooker had smelt

Ellis was embarrassed and felt he failed

edacity \ i-DAS-i-tee \
1. Greediness; good appetite.


One comment

  1. Nice! nice! Unequaled…

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