Word of the Day Poem: Sciolism

Randall, that rapscallion
Was somehow accepted into all the Ivy League colleges in the world

He was naturally excited
Though “Higher” education was his true calling
He mingled with a few crowds
Wearing scarves and using expensive vaporizers
With quasi-mythological botanical names
Like “The Gaia Greenhouse Hose” and “The Pure Air of Dionysus”

He really solidified his easy entry into these crowds
After a quick Google search
Of “the best philosophy books ever”
Led to a quick trip to the tattoo shop
So he could cover his body with a sciolistic list of quotes from these books

To project the public image of being the hip thinker he knew himself to be

“I want to expose others to the burdensome truths of the world
That circle my mind on the daily
There have been so many great minds
And no one pays attention to them
But they have to pay attention to me
And these quotes when they see me”

sciolism \ SY-uh-liz-uhm \
1. Pretentious display of superficial knowledge.



  1. Elucidative! Your analysis and profound analogy persuades me to enhance my vocabulary and understanding of the world and great minds like yours.
    My new word is *ELUCIDATIVE* (Intransitive verb -To give a clarifying explanation-
    Transitive verb – to make lucid expecially by explanation or analysis

  2. Almost the entirety of people at my university.

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