I Wish There Were More Hours in the Day

But there aren’t
So I have 24
To eat, sleep, and rest
Travel to work, work, and travel back
Secure my survival
Attempt to connect with other humans
Attempt to add value to the world and help others in some way
Release the music inside of me
(Though I don’t wish for more notes)
Express the ideas congregating in my brain
(Though I don’t wish for more words)
Discover what other people are creating
Build my body
Push it, pump it, pull it

Experience everything I can
Extract as much truth as possible

I wish there were more hours in the day
But if there were then I would take on more
And I would wish for even more hours to juggle all those newfound ambitions
So I’ll take the 24 we get
And divide them, dissect them to my best
And still make magic with the present set



  1. Nice touch, with the 24 lines for 24 hours. And I feel like this is a very honest work, I know it’s not very descriptive of me to say, but basically this poem means Carpe Diem to me, great job!

    1. Thanks! I’ll admit the 24 lines thing was actually a happy accident

  2. Here’s a puzzle for you. Ronda Rousey the reigning womens MMA champion said this.
    ” The purpose of life is not to be happy all the time but to make the world a better place than you found it “. That’s to heavy for me, but I do wish there were more words. For example; How do you describe a spiritual/Cosmic experience except by allusion ? . . . to. . . ? Simple words like love do not convey an exact meaning the way the word ” Gasket ‘ does.

    1. 1. New words can be invented and added to the English language. In recent years, most new words come about because of technology (like download) and our devices (like selfie). Generally, words that are used by enough people eventually become acceptable on wider and wider scales. It’s all about communicating meaning, so even if it’s not in an esteemed dictionary, you can use “new” words as long as other people know what you mean or intend to convey.

      Context is helpful too. If I were to say, “plurrid” you’d probably scratch your head. But if I wrote, “It was like everything bad was happening at once and I couldn’t control anything, a plurrid of chaos all around me.” You may be able to see that plurrid means something like a collection or gathering or something of that nature.

      There’s not much use in inventing a new word when there are existing ones to fill the same meaning, so new words really come about to help give form and definition to new concepts. That’s why we have “selfie” instead of always saying, “a thing when a person or group of people take a picture of themselves with their own smart phone or camera.” Saves a lot of time and trouble.

      However, most creative writers enjoy finding a new way to express an existing concept and to push the boundaries of what words can do.

      2. Articulating the feelings of a spiritual, cosmic experience is a challenge, but it can be done. For example, I had a moment while listening to music in which I felt like my body was a dotted line – there was a general form I was aware of but there was an openness that allowed the world to pass through me and allowed whatever was in me to flow out, like the tides of an ocean around the rocks of a beach. I felt completely at “oneness” with everything and it was an amazing feeling. I felt eternal. I felt as much part of the floor as I felt part of the air. I don’t know if this helps fully describe my experience, but I think it gets close enough for you to hopefully imagine what it was like.

      3. It’s difficult for a single word to do the heavy lifting for something like “love” but phrases, sentences, stories help. Also let’s not forget that love means different things to different people, which is why there is so much art that addresses love in all its shades and forms.

      You may use love and associate it with a pink, warm, fuzzy, comfortable feeling and I may use love and associate it with a complicated, “forced” or phony feeling. This is dependent on each individual’s experience and understanding of their life and the world around them.

      1. Thanks! But I’m lazy. See how long it took you. That short was too long for me!
        L O L.(Sidebar) I was at a Wicken festival once where we,eight of us, were guided to a certain point on a mental excercise and left to sit silently for a couple minutes. When we were ( Oh! Look at that, ‘WE’ followed by WE-‘RE’ ) brought back to the present everyone described having had the same out of body experience,even adding details as each person related their experience. Nevermind. Too long to get to the point. Thanks again.

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