Word of the Day Poem: Eire

Tyler, Tyler
Ya from Eire, ey?
Italy? Switzerland? Germany?
Sweden? Netherlands? Norway?

Many European lands reveal the doorway to my past
I’m a mutt, a genetic cosmopolitan cocktail
My ancestors must have tales

But I’m disconnected, my past is veiled
Like the rest of my life
On my search for my self
It’s the internet that will prevail
To help me find my heritage percent
And tip my knowledge scales

Eire \ AIR-uh, AHY-ruh, AIR-ee, AHY-ree \
1. the Irish name of Ireland.
2. a former name (1937–49) of the Republic of Ireland.

One comment

  1. I absolutely love this! I can totally relate to this, although I am not Irish.

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