Shock Therapy

My mind is broken
It obsesses over things I can’t control
It often plays reruns from my past
When I want new episodes
My memory won’t let me go
It can be a blessing
But it’s mostly abusive
I want to open up my brain
And fix the wiring
I want a lobotomy
I want shock therapy
I want these memories gone
Electrified away



  1. Your not alone on this, just know– we experience what we do for a reason. The more bad you go through, the higher success will find you. History tends to repeat in our lives with cycles. You have an amazing talent and truth to your words. Destined for great things, indeed! Sensing things before they happen are sometimes the vehicle driven from disaster. Great work!

    1. These words mean a lot, thank you. I try to keep long-term perspectives and take the good with the bad whenever possible but it’s always a challenge.

      1. It is a challenge I agree. However, the pattern remains that when one thing ends another begins 🙂

  2. I know this feeling all too well. Were trapped in our minds, old memories won’t let go, and there’s nothing we can do. It’s a terrible feeling. Wonderful post

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