Imagine You Have a Pack of Cute, Baby Animals Following You Around All Day


After seeing the above on my Twitter, I started imagining what it would be like to literally have cute animals follow me around all day. I was waiting in line at a grocery store getting lunch and this thought instantly improved my mood. I’m leading an imaginary pack of little golden retriever puppies, precious foxes, squirrels, a cluster of little turtles, kittens, gerbils, ducklings, chicks, piglets, polar bears, monkeys, and tigers. They depend on me to protect them and safely guide them to open pastures out of the cold New York City maze. I have to ensure each of them stays with the group and no one cute animal gets left behind.

Filled me with warm fuzzies and a great sense of purpose.

Fill yourself with some fuzzies with this thought experiment these 70 Pictures of Cute Baby Animals


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