Fill Facebook With Louder Words Instead of BuzzFeed and Thought Catalog

Whenever I see
Those lists
Splayed all over Facebook
Part of me dies

Why people
Consume and recycle mindless garbage
Will always boggle me

I guess the articles are relatable
Can’t fault people for sharing something they connect with
But those sites are such low quality
Specifically tuned to getting clicks
Tailored for advertisers

PigFeed and Trough Catalog

How much thought does it take
To go

“But Tyler you’re jealous
And complaining because you don’t have their readership or popularity,
If you actually disliked them
You would ignore them and let it go”

There’s a point in that
But here are my counters

These two outlets
Are like the porn of writing
Delivering the quick fix nothingness people want
Adding no significant lasting value
Masturbation quality thought

In 5 years will a BuzzFeed or Thought Catalog reader reflect and respect
Any of those articles as much as a book they hold dear
Or a song they still want to hear
Or a poem they need near?

But five years is so far away
Why conceive of it now

The web needs something more human
Less expected
Less formulaic
More surprising

This is a call to tapping fingers

Louder Words is about raising the voice of writing
It’s about playing and expanding
With this age-old form of expression
Through developing mediums

It’s about infusing the written word
With glittering galaxies and life
To get people to flex their imagination
To feel good, to feel connected
To understand the value of something that’s not a meme or full of flashing interactive colors

If you’re a writer
Who doesn’t conform to the delectably clickable
Share your writing
Share it with pride
And don’t get distraught at the number of Likes or Shares or OMGs

Share Louder Words
Either mine or yours
Use it as a flag
A badge, a symbol
To get the garbage out of social media
And fill it with actual risks, thought, and creativity



  1. It annoys me too. Sadly this will never stop being a thing because: Money.

  2. Dmitriy · · Reply

    There was actually a lot of talk about removing BuzzFeed’s brand of content from news feeds.

    1. Facebook gatekeeping and providing some quality control? I have more faith in them now. I thought they took a non-interventionist stance on most shared content.

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