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April is National Poetry Month It’s also the month I was born in (It also better be when the warm weather finally comes)   To celebrate, I’ll be releasing a new work from The Bronze Age every day Be sure to check for the exclusive sneak peeks into my upcoming book! Advertisements


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See This Beggar? You’re Never Going To Forget What He Does… And You Shouldn’t.

Originally posted on Amazing Nature:
This old man can show you what it’s like to be a hero. He doesn’t have much, but he possesses compassion that is more valuable than any pile of gold. When you see what the 99 year-old does every day, you’ll realize that superheroes are real. They just aren’t who…

Word of the Day Poem: Edacity

Egads! I entered my boy Ellis at the fair’s pie eating contest And I’ve unleashed a monster! He finished through his twenty pies Then sat back in his chair Got bored with his engorged belly And started stealing from his neighbor And his neighbor’s neighbor And started eating through the table cloth And the table […]