An Open Letter to People or Machines or Software Who Now Know I Looked at Pictures of Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is in the news and off the market, so now’s a good time to rehash this open letter I wrote during the summer.

Louder Words

Dear data collectors and metadata scrapers and other invisible peepers,

You can know that I spent less than an hour, but more than half an hour searching for pictures of Mila Kunis and looking at a tumblr page that she’s the star of.
You’ll know this.
But you won’t know whether or not I have a crush on her or just think shes hot.
Or if I think she’s funny, if I like her movies, like her acting, or just have a passing
curiosity at somebody who looks exotic yet friendly and down to earth.
You won’t know what drives me and millions of other men (and women) to feel this way.
You won’t know that I’m secretly wishing to bump into her later in life.
Maybe she’ll stumble upon one of my writings and become a fan.
And maybe I’ll never know if she does or doesn’t; the odds…

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