From Haywire to Hey Monday

I was paying for my Friday night for most of Saturday, but I weathered a “bobbing-my-head-over-the-toilet-trying-to-vomit” tension-filled train ride to visit some friends from college. We shared incredibly private and personal issues and had enriching conversations that swam from dreams to politics to society to poop to art to books to history to the future to our embarrassing stories from grade school and high school to comedy routines to loving wood to food to this to that to me now wishing I had recorded this past weekend to remember it more clearly.

I kinda sorta wrote and played around with the embryo of a song on guitar which was exciting and soothing.

I also finally narrowed down my choice of gym and tomorrow after work I re-begin another fitness journey. I’m excited and armed with guidance from a respected friend with way more fitness experience. My professional work is too sedantary and makes me anxious, even if I try my best to fidget and put some breaks in the day. I wouldn’t say I’m in bad shape by any means but stagnation is boring and I want to push myself and bulk up, if only to have the strength to carry more copies of my books to hand out to strangers I meet while I walk cross country as part of my just decided guerrilla marketing campaign. That probably won’t happen, but you never know. Back to the point, I’ve been using the cold and my commute as excuses to slack on any sort of significant physical activity. This won’t become a fitness blog by any means since there are already plenty of other more experienced and dedicated bloggers doing that as we speak, but I just wanted to let you know what your favorite frazzled author is up to and alert you to be on the lookout for more endorphin-laden material.



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