Hool has cracked the Top 500,000 on Amazon!!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #432,733 in Books

Because you have to celebrate the small victories and the slow climb. Thanks to all who have bought and read so far!



  1. Wow, I find it oddly amazing to me (In a good way.) That you are so proud of that. It shows me that you really do care about every single person that decides to get Hool and are not just looking at statistics.

    1. I care so much. I’m indescribably grateful to anyone and everyone who spends the time and money to read my writing. I’m not a business, I don’t have a sales quota to meet, so I don’t care about a bottom line as much as I care about giving people a quality reading experience.

      Each “statistic” whether it be a follower on here or someone who bought Hool is a living, breathing person with all the nuances you and I know about by just being ourselves. It’s amazing to me when others want to see what I have to say and I truly value it.

      Long story short: I love each and every one my readers!

      1. That is exactly how I feel I have been blogging for about a week now and have 23 followers and I could not be more grateful and happy about that. I admire the way you view these things makes me really want to focus and read more of your writing. Thank you for being awesome.

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