February 18th 2014 – Break Your Patterns, Form a Positive Path

Why should any day fly by unnoticed? Why should any date slip away? Nothing spectacular may happen but it’s a different day all the same. Even a routine can take a new turn if you’re open and willing.

Try to break from your patterns. Turn self-criticism into self-encouragement. Even as I write this, the nagging voice in my head says it’s too preachy, too feelgoody, lacks substance. But I’m turning down that voice because I do feel good and today took some happy unexpected turns and I want to spread those good feelings to you.

I attended an optional cocktail party for my company tonight, which is funny for me because the word optional usually means I’m halfway through an escape route that lets me avoid an activity and I can make it out alive if I don’t let the guilt settle in. At first I didn’t want to go, I was set on just going back home after work, but I decided I needed to be more open-minded and attend. My main reason for not going was an initial unwillingness to break the certainty of my routine commute home. Not a compelling reason in the least.

It was an awesome, inspirational event with good people at a really breathtaking apartment in New York City. I got to meet amd socialize with some great supporters of the non-profit I work for and I’m still beaming from it.

I’m also excited about sticking with this method of reframing my negative thinking and actions into positive ones. I get lazy and fall into the trap of trusting those negative feelings since I get so used to them that they feel like the only answer so I should just listen to them. I’m an up and down and all around sorta person, so I’m hope sharing this publicly will also keep me on the positive path.

I’m not saying I’ll become all about sunshine and daisies and marshmellows, but…actually…why not?


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