Morning Phase by Beck

Currently streaming this on NPR. Beck is one of my favorite artists and it’s been 6 years since his previous proper album Modern Guilt, so I’m excited and on top of this. The album is billed as a sequel of sorts to Sea Change, which was a beautiful, vulnerable, heartbroken “breakup” album.

Morning Phase goes at a slow, contemplative speed, heavier on dramatic, theatrical strings and it gives me the feeling of a western soundtrack. I’m imagining this music playing in an old town in the Wild West during the aftermath of a duel the townspeople gathered to witness. The turning and the gunshots kicked up dirt and dust, so the scene is obscured and everyone who’s watching is unsure of who’s left standing and which person won.

The track that stands out to me the most so far is “Heart is a Drum” but I’ll be giving this album a few more spins today as I have the day off for President’s Day. Thanks Washington and Lincoln for the day off, not for any of your other contributions 😉

If you’re also listening to this, let me know in the comments section!


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