Taxy Tax Tax

I’ve been working since I was 17. My first job was “Pizza Delivery Boy” which was also “Sweep the Floors Boy” and “Fold Pizza Boxes Boy” and “Ring Up Customers and Make Food Because Everyone Else is Quitting this Shithole Boy” and finally “Your Scumbag Boss Fucked You Out of $270 When You and Your Family Needed It But You Probably Should’ve Seen It Coming Boy”

Then I was a gas station attendant. Then I painted houses. Not like I was imitating Bob Ross painting happy little houses on a canvas, but rather some friends and I added new coats to the interior and exteriors of houses. Then I worked as a building attendant at my college’s Student Center. Then I worked at a Record’s office in my college. Now I work with an educational non-profit in NYC.

Long story short, I’ve always been afraid of doing taxes and avoided it since I never really needed to do it. I could’ve gotten money back if I wasn’t so lazy, but the whole process was also so foreign and daunting to me that I just never even considered filing.

Now I’m a full-time employee and it’s time to do my taxes. I’ve started using TurboTax and it’s pretty user friendly, but the process is still long and drawn out. Plus they lied and said it would take about 10 minutes. Plus plus they up-sold me hard by originally claiming I could use their basic filing package but then kept forcing me to upgrade to a more expensive package because of the additional forms I had to fill out.

I also need more documentation from my college regarding my educational expenses from my final semester.

I fucking despise bureaucratic processes, overly dry and boring administrative processes, looking at numbers inside of tables and filling out those numbers and selecting yes and no over and over and thinking of all the exceptions and watching my refund potential seem to dwindle with each question. It’s easy but it’s mind-numbing. Also if I make a mistake, there are some real consequences at stake.

It’s not as bad as I imagined, but I need to leave them unfinished for now. I don’t know if I’ll wind up getting a refund or owing more money. I could really use that refund as I’m sure others can too. If you’re filling out your taxes, especially for the first time, fear not for I am struggling right beside you.

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