Monthly Archives: January 2014

Skulking Thoughts

Some feelings skulk inside my mind and remain unspoken, for I fear they’ll lose meaning and weight when they’re reduced to words Advertisements


The same house holds animals you adore and others you devour.

It Gets Better

“Momma, why is life so hard?” Barry said with tears filling his eyes and a raw gash burning his knee. Mrs. Andrews laughed. She pat her son on the head and answered, “Don’t worry honey, it gets better. I promise.” – Last night Barry woke up hours before he needed to, unable to turn over […]

Wealth Obesity

When the body amasses an excess number of calories, it stores those calories as fat. Too many calories leads to too much fat, which in turn leads to obesity, a handful of health complications, and a pretty unattractive appearance. We should start thinking about wealth in this manner. If someone accumulates too much wealth without […]

Bachel At Night

So I’m not even a bachelor right? Because I’m stuck at home and don’t bachel at night I stay inside Streaming Netflix to my eyes I still exercise But not as much as that other bigger guy I have the guts to spill my mind But the girl I might want might not want that […]