Wealth Obesity

When the body amasses an excess number of calories, it stores those calories as fat. Too many calories leads to too much fat, which in turn leads to obesity, a handful of health complications, and a pretty unattractive appearance.

We should start thinking about wealth in this manner. If someone accumulates too much wealth without burning it, aka putting it back into the economy through purchases to businesses and individuals offering products or services and/or wages to workers, then they grow obese. They store this money as savings or investments. I’m not saying savings aren’t important, they are. Everyone has a right to put away their own money so they can afford important things for themselves and their families. What I’m talking about is the danger of sitting on stockpiles of money that well outweigh the expected costs of any future plans. That excessive wealth may lead a person to believe they are only helping themselves, when they are actually becoming a burden to themselves and the economy. They vacuum up the available resources without circulating it back into the ecosystem, which is what is needed to have a thriving economy that benefits most people and doesn’t lead to the kind of extreme, lopsided wealth schism capsizing America into future irrelevance and obscurity.

This is inspired by “For the Love of Money,” a New York Times piece written by Sam Polk, a former hedge-fund trader who took brave steps to walk away from Wall Street after identifying his desire for higher and higher bonuses as an addiction. He wrote this article to encourage others in a similar situation to recognize what he was able to. By and large, I would imagine most of those who make and cling to absurd amounts of money feel as internally unwell as those who have an aching mass of fat atop their frames.


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