One of my new favorite web apps is, which is top 10 list of links shared on Twitter that updates in real-time.

As described on the app’s About page:

“We automatically collect the links posted by a bunch of the most interesting people on Twitter. You know the people that always tweet the best links – first. We take all the links they tweet and compile a real-time updated list of the 10 most popular links right now.”

Aggregating links from a curated group is a smart way to rank and share higher quality content. If it was a top 10 list of the most shared links taken from all Twitter users, it would be lowest common denominator garbage. The only problem I have with it is it’s unclear who’s in their pool of “interesting people” or if this group is ever re-evaluated and updated. Nevertheless, I’ve found some great and thought-provoking articles, innovative products, and pretty useful web apps.

My favorite time to check this is during work in the morning, as it’s useful and inspirational for my position. I hope to find more projects like this that combine aggregation and curation to deliver more selective information.

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