Why is a blog called “Louder Words” so damn quiet?

I don’t know why I’ve neglected this blog for so long, but I return with a new commitment to open up a more consistent dialogue with WordPress contributors, bloggers, writers, educators, thinkers, designers, web developers, creators and makers of all sorts, poets, artists, video and filmmakers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, and anyone and everyone who plucks the things or non-things inside themselves and brings them into the world.

I’ve been a mess online in the neatest way possible. I’ve drifted around. I deactivated my Facebook. I’m erratic on Twitter. I tried separating this blog into a non-Wordpress.com version so I could have more freedom with the development and integrate more plugins, but I struggled, grew lonely with it, and missed the WordPress community. I’m on Hubski. I’m getting back into Reddit. I dabbled with Medium. I’ve grown disillusioned with my inability to make clickable headlines, or articles/content as shareable as anything on Thought Catalog, Upworthy, and any other websites of that kiln. I’ve despaired at seeing hundreds of other creators with response measures that dwarf mine. I’ve grown less desperate at needing to watch those numbers grow to find acceptance. I’m learning.

I’m working on a follow up to Hool. I’m happy with the response I got, even if it was mostly friends, but I still highly value each person who took time out from their lives to obtain and read it.

Unfortunately, or fortunately in my eyes, I have grown tired by it already. I’m always moving forward. Some people say you’re only as good as your latest work, but I think you’re only as good as your next work. I never want to force anything so I waited until new material was begging to be brought out. Within the last month I’ve had a nice output of over 200 new works. They still need to be revisited and rewritten, but I’m proud there’s still water in this well.

It’s taking shape. The form will also be less traditional, if traditional even exists anymore. I wrote in my journal, “Why do books have to be shaped like books?” and that entry is a hint at my motivation for the next collection’s form.

Time chugs along. Life is different. I’m moving in new directions, exploring unknown territory, and really stretching myself to new limits. I’m honing my voice. I’m more mature. Best of all, I’m having more fun with it.


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