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When Will I Be Loved – The Everly Brothers

This song is older and has a fairly simple structure, but after hearing a cover of it during the Grammy’s, I couldn’t stop listening to the original. I love the emotion behind the title lyric. Advertisements

Exploiting Honor

A room full of men and women in their workday best, with their minds and bodies never once in harms way Clap clap clap for a former solider who has enlightened others to the depths of human perseverance What most think is, “What a deserved honor, they’re honoring his bravery, duty, and service” What I […]

Lows Too High

His lows are too high His highs are too low Watch him wander his way down The middle of the road


Are we unaware of the power we wield?


I am walking through a rainstorm and no one else is getting wet