Extreme Excess Elimination

There he is on top of bulky plastic bags
full of all his old belongings.

He looks upon his bare room.
He’s into it, but not quite happy.

He removes his public hide to reveal
the hidden birthday suit he always felt
worked just as well year-round.

There are still hairs, so he grabs a can of shaving cream and
covers himself with foam. He shaves his head, eyebrows, nipple hairs,
knuckle hairs, naughty hairs, leg hairs, toe hairs, hidden hairs, and
every other useless follicle.

“Git rid of excess tuh beh happeh” is what the pamphlet read, so that’s what he done,
that’s what he’s doing.

He even cut his nipples off.
His nipples.
He left himself with nothings.


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