Emergency Crayons

“Quick I need to write this down!”
“Use your phone.”
“I don’t have my phone, damnit man there’s no time!”

Gareth rushes down three flights of stairs, opens a door that never registers in a normal person’s attention, runs to the edge of the room, and finds a glass case he installed months earlier. He picks up a tiny hammer chained to the case and follows the case’s request to be broken in case of an emergency. This is one such occasion.

He reaches inside to grab the box of crayons. He fumbles around with the box of 24 bundled wax sticks as he’s running back up the stairs to hand it to his boss.

“Gareth!!” The boss sounds like a bullet hit his knee.
“Here you go” He says panting.
“What’s this?”
“Emergency. Crayons.” He forces out. “You said (breath in) you needed (breath out) to write (breath in) something down.”
“Ohh. Nevermind that, I forgot it what it was. Come help me size up these overalls for my photo-shoot.”

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