Swiss Army Knife

Hey you
Yea you
We get it
You’re versatile.
A great problem-solver,
a true swiss army knife.
You see everything as a big problem,
so you can step in and save the day,
so you can be useful.
You’re afraid when everything’s okay,
you’ll just fade away,
buried in dust on the inside corner
of a forgotten drawer.
But you’re looking for problems where there are none.
You’re over-complicating things.
Don’t worry.
One day you’ll be used
as a doorstop or
maybe a paper weight.
Cheer up.


One comment

  1. Man! This made me miss my Swiss Wonder, It ran away! It is somewhere in my room, it has to be, it must. I turned over every leaf in here, and come to think of it, I didn’t consider that it had all the tools to chip, burn and burrow it way out the house.

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