Lightbulbs Going Off

It’s a mistake
to believe that a plain lightbulb
will go off above your head
when you have a great idea.
It’s an even bigger mistake
to believe that
you have no lightbulbs anywhere.

Some lightbulbs are tough to find,
but they go off
for everyone.
Some are obscured by lamp shades.
Some are made pretty by fancy lamp shades.
Some are dim.
Some are large, some are small.
Some only reveal what they reveal
when all the other lights are off.
Some bulbs create a specific mood.
Some bulbs fade into the background.
Some bulbs are so hot
they can’t be touched without rubber gloves.
Some bulbs contain an inner pulp
ready to explode.
Some are energy-efficient,
others are very wasteful,
scattering light in every which direction.
Some go out quickly
and need to be replaced.

But the rarest bulbs, the best bulbs, are the ones
that burn stronger
the longer they stay on.



  1. Nice! I wish you many stronger, Longer burning light bulbs! 🙂
    I often wonder where that particular symbolism came from. I guess an illuminated light bulb represents the spark of connecting synapses in the brain, the moment inspiration strikes, aka the eureka moment. I prefer a lightening bolt, but then, to each his own.

    I find music helps conjure up a really creative frame of mind. Good luck with your writing goals!


    1. Lightning bolt, I like it! I was doing an extended metaphor on the whole “lightbulb above the head” imagery associated with getting an idea.

  2. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Great imagery to remind us that not every idea is worth pursuing, but some absolutely are. Sometimes we don’t know which one that is until the light begins to dim, but that’s okay!

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