Volcano Descent

Jeers came from around the rim. Shouts from
every angle above and around.

“Brrrrr” he chattered as the heat numbed the nerves on his feet.
The scorching, undulating air surrounded his body, which
caused him deep sweat and shallow breath.
Each rock was hotter than the previous, but he was unaware
of the temper, given his petrified soles. Red-orange magma
glowed. It pierced his eyes, which were now so full of sweat
that everything in front of him was a stinging, salty fogsight.
One by one his cells filled with fire. Each hair was roasted off
in an instant pfft. The hairs singed but his legs had melted,
causing him to fall face down into the pit. He didn’t even
bother to put out his hands to break the fall.
There were no cries as he became an Earthly jelly.


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