A Dizzy Position

A girl called Sue 22 walks around the city.
Sue is such a normal name that this particular Sue added the 22
to stand out. She’ll be Sue 23 in less than a week. Sue 22 feels the folds
in the back of her neck as she gazes at the skyscrapers. The folds in the back of her neck don’t worry her like the ones under her chin. Sue 22 resolves to make this the day. Today is going to be the day that Sue 22 is no longer afraid. Her heart still tugs, but not as bad as usual, so she joins the elevator crowd of one. Sue 22 has a nice conversation on the way up. A cute boy with frizzled hair and an indistinct accent. His eyes never wander downwards during the conversation. Sue 22 is going to write about this encounter later in the day. It will be a nice parenthetical to her bigger adventure. So Sue 22 stops at the 30th floor. She walks out of the elevator and goes to the nearest window.
Sue 22 looks down.
Now the folds are in the front. But Sue 22 isn’t bothered.
Sue 22 vaguely smiles. She returns to the elevator and presses the button closest to the ceiling.
Nobody stops on the elevator during her trip. Sue 22 misses her foreign boy with the frizzled hair and the not-so-frazzled gaze. Sue 22 wants someone to talk to. The elevator stops and Sue 22 steps out. She looks, but no one is around, so she leans and puts her hands on the window, looking forward. Then she looks down. The folds are back.
Now she doesn’t like them.
She doesn’t want the folds. She picks her head up to make them go away. It’s too late. The tugging is now a full-on yank. She’s afraid. She’s dizzy. She needs to vomit. Where can she vomit. Wait a minute: a thought passes. Another one goes by. Sue 22 reaches into her bag for something, an object of sorts. It’s a pipe. A metal pipe. How did Sue 22 fit this in her bag? What happened to the metal detectors in this building? What will Sue 22 do? Lo, she adjusts the purse on her shoulder to grip the pipe with both hands. She wields it like a mythical swordswoman. She thrashes the pipe, hitting her hatred right in the face. She beats it until it’s an unrecognizable puddle of goop.

Now she’s not so afraid of this dizzy position.


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