9: What Happiness Can’t Buy

Whoever says that famous coined phrase
money can’t buy happiness
misses the whole point about security and sanity.
They never lost their home
multiple times.
They never stretch a dollar
to the point that it snaps.
They never wore shoes with holes
that filter water and cold into socks with holes.
They never had to hear from institutions
that yes, we care about your passion and your studies and your skills
but it’s really only your money that matters.
They never drink for cheap vacation.

They say the phrase
because they don’t understand all the things that happiness can’t buy.



  1. dilliproduct · · Reply

    People take that phrase so lightly, tossing it around like some sort of a joke. Money does buy happiness. For one, passion brings happiness. How does one cultivate it, grow with experience and indulge in it if they have no resources to harness their talents? Not everybody can thrive as a neanderthal.
    Those with more resources have more opportunities. Period.

    1. Exactly. It’s pretty hard, if not impossible, to have the time to pursue passions or engage in life-affirming activities when so much time is devoted to earning and avoiding spending money.

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