Kickin’ It at the Cracker Barrel

Lean back in my chair, foot on the table.
Shakin’ to the music, hope the legs are stable.
My pinky gets bored, so it digs into my navel.
It gets in there deep, like the transatlantic cable.

He gets real lost, forms his own fable,
traveling a deep cave and craving saving rainbows
Gotta depart the harbor of this belly button stable.
When he’s back, he says “Dude you’re an a-hole, you shoved me in your nasal”

“No that was my navel, my nasal was yesterday, but enough with all these labels.
What you wanna be safe for?
I could’ve kept you in the lint, would’ve been something to savor.
Hope you liked the hairs, that trail’s never met a razor.

I would’ve done the other pinky, but you seemed to be the braver.”

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