An Exclusive Interview

“Is the road to redemption a long one?”

“Well…it’s long and it’s difficult. I see something like the bandana go from being suspected of bank robberies to being invited to concerts, magic routines, and theme parties at colleges.”

“That’s gotta be tough”

“It is tough,” the ski mask shuffles in its chair. “Just once, I wanna know what it feels like to make people smile.”

“Well, you are pretty scary.”

“I know I am, but it isn’t fair. You know what I was originally made for?”

“Skiing I would imagine.”

“Yes. I was made to protect people from the cold. To let people ride down mountains on skis and snowboards without getting wind burn. Now, whenever someone wants to rob a bank, I’m the first one that gets picked to hide their face.”

“But you’ve been changed.”

“I’ve been changed, but it’s not my fault. I didn’t choose this.”


“It’s not interesting, it’s terrible!”


“Are you kidding me? What kind of third rate interview is this? That’s it, I’m done with this,” the ski mask snatches off the lapel mic, chucks it to the ground, and leaves the studio. As soon as it walks outside, a group of schoolchildren let out loud screams and police sirens start wailing.





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