Monthly Archives: July 2013

22: An Ode

An ode to the pastors of passing The shepherds of peace An ode to the leaders Of those soft as fleece An ode to the most ambitious the most ferocious who found their niche An ode to trailblazers sprinting in cleats An ode to the obsessive and role models to the lesses An ode to […]

21: Avocado

This green, gooey fruit full of delicious and healthy fat is my favorite part of the sandwich. I would love an avocado sandwich where the bread is avocado, the meat is avocado, and the avocado is avocado. I once ate an avocado like it was a hand fruit without any shame or regret. I want […]

20: Subway

Where am I supposed to look on a subway? That ad is pretty funny, I wonder how they got the rights to reference Baha Men, unless the Baha Men are so far into obscurity that they lost any rights to their one-hit wonder. I can translate what most of that ad says, except for one […]

19: The Man with the Memories

There is a man living in an abandoned apartment in Belgium. I don’t remember his name, but he remembers mine. He remembers what my face looks like and how it changes when I’m lying, he remembers the colors, brands, and smells of everything I wore, and he, unfortunately, remembers my attempt at pushing him down […]

18: Think About Your Smile

Seriously, think about it. What is it like? If it’s big and genuine, as in not hiding or faking how you feel, then you have an authentic life; there’s meaning in that curve. If it’s vindictive or conniving, you live for the wrong sorts of satisfaction. If it trembles, you’re scared and we know it. […]