Bow Down to the Best of You

In the name of constant improvement, and to prove to his former selves that he’s better, this self-proclaimed future magnate takes painstaking measures to ridicule the thoughts of how he used to be.

He catches a memory of his body and mind at the twelve year mark and bullies him, pointing out how much smarter and stronger and more confident this current version is.

This was an unprovoked attack, but the man had to do it. He’s a taunting bully who harasses these memories in the name of constant improvement, of better.

The 17 year old wages his campaign. He’s a prideful know-it-all, prone to emotional outbursts, and the future magnate version knows this with hindsight precision. The future magnate strikes down his inferior memory by being the bigger, smarter, stronger iteration.

Bow down to the best of you boys. But don’t feel bad. Based on this upwards trajectory, the future magnate will get his comeuppance soon enough.

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