Creation, making something out of nothing, allows us to wear the same clothing worn by the universe during its supposed beginning. Whether by accident, intervention, or random, hard-to-explain forces, we know this every something, everything, came from nothing. Seek to create every day if you would like to feel more in tune with nature, more in step with the universe.

You can create in any sense of the word. Art is creation’s right hand man. Music, writing, painting, sculpting. But creation touches pretty much every human endeavor you could think of. Programmers and software developers create sophisticated tools to make our lives easier, or at least more fun. Cooking is creating meals from food; it’s creating tasty energy for people to consume. Getting rich, as much as it seems to be the polar opposite of the school of creativity, is the creation of wealth. This, any sufficiently mature human should know, opens up new doors for creation. If you had $10,000 to spare, imagine the kinds of programs, art installations, burger-related pranks, and other sorts of creating you could do.

Even destruction is incognito creation, since it’s the act of creating nothing out of something, and it allows room for new creations. Everything in the universe, big or small, comes with a “Seal of Creation.”


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