Should I Go Down Snake Trail?

Snake Trail, called that because of how sinuous it is, its windiness, and not because of the legless freaks. Though there are fools who swear they got poisoned. If you pressed them hard enough about why they never whined or sued or pursued some sort of solution, you’d be met with a canyon’s lot of excuses.

Yup, snake tray-he..sorry, ahem Snake Trail does not lend itself to visitors very easily. There are no maps of it. There are no signs with dots or markers or any clues . Unbelievably, there aren’t even any hints along the trail. Imagine that. Snake Trail is for local folk, really.

I once went down Snake Trail and it took me roughly sixteen hours to navigate out of that  beastly path. Met a few people in the middle of it. They tried using GPS, but that didn’t work out too well; satellites can’t even navigate Snake Trail.

To answer your question: No, don’t go down Snake Trail.

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