Mailman’s Best Friend

Grrrrrrrrrrrughughroof ruff ROFF ROFF ROFF

“Good doggie.” Graham says. He secretly wonders where relations went wrong.


“Easy doggie.” Did he offend its mother? Or race? Or gender?

RARARARARA – “Oh dear lord!”

Graham immediately sprints away. The dog follows in hot pursuit. Graham lightens his load by abandoning the letters whose safety he no longer cares about. Just chucks them in the air like thick confetti. His behind is more important, it can’t handle another seventeen stitches. He’s nearing the truck, but feels a tug on his leg. Caught again.

Graham winces, expecting to be lunch. Why do dogs hate me so much, he whines. All of a sudden, he feels the slobber of a foreign tongue. It tickles. Woah, the pup licked his ear. He starts laughing and strokes the dogs fur. Today he or she is mailman’s best friend.


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