Both Feet in the Cube Business

He was in the Rubik’s Cube business, which was a pretty good business to be in since the fluctuations weren’t as radical as the other industries he dabbled with. He would buy bags of them in bulk from an ad hoc operation ran out of a sketchy warehouse.

From the crackling of dawn to the simmer of sunset, he would sit in a lukewarm room solving these 3D puzzles. Box by box, turn by turn. When he was done solving a puzzle, he relaxed. Solace followed the challenge. Each tile was happy to be in its accepted area and the sides would erupt with colorful confidence.

But he needed a competitive advantage, so after solving a cube he would roll it like die. In its confined randomness, the cube-die would land on one side or another, red or blue, green or white. Whichever color landed face up would determine the new coat of paint. He converted each cube into one solid color to give them a state of unsolvable completion.

Who could compete with that?


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