Walk the Block: For Sale

So to stir up some creativity, I decided to walk around my immediate block and write down the words I encountered alongside the sidewalk. These words formed the basis of the following: 

A For Sale sign greets visitors to the house, jumping to the front and making the “Welcome” mat fade out of focus and play second fiddle. The For Sale sign is definitely the attention-craving one. I’m sure it wants feedback on its singing as well.

I like the look of this house. I can tell it smells good. I can’t pick out any nuances in the aroma except for maybe a finished wood floor.

“Bart D. Berkeley.” That’s who I would call when I can get the money. Or the interest. I guess both really. He included a picture too.  What a relatable kind of guy, real trustworthy, I mean just look at that smile. Taken out of context, one would think the man in this picture was for sale. Given his smile, he’d be selling himself which is a good show of illegal initiative. If he was for sale and frowning, that’d be a lot more tragic.

I could move the sign away from the house and cause some unwanted confusion. I’d need more Jack Daniels to pull that off. The garden’s in a state of disarray. Oh wait, that’s because of the sign posts shoved into it. Stupid Bart just lost a potential customer, but at least I didn’t buy his smile.

Can you guess which words were the ones I saw?

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