To Another Place (Pt. 3)

“When did I ask to be brought to a secluded lake? Why am I naked? Or is it because I didn’t ask to be dressed before I was kidnapped? When would I ever ask anyone or anything to interrupt my quiet time,” Sperry is incredulous, “Who would I ask to ruin my roof? Why would I carefully lock the door if I wanted a big, cruddy hand barging in?” Sperry is agitated, you can tell by his neck strains.

“Before you went into the room…you mentioned this.” The voice beyond the hand replies.

“I don’t even know what this is.”

“It’s the Untouchable Lake. That’s what…it is called. None of your kind has been here.”

Sperry’s eyes widen to test the validity of this claimed name. “So there aren’t any animals?  No fish, or shellfish? Or bugs? It’s completely free of contaminants? Free of nasty invisibles?”

The hand is unresponsive. It waits a while- dead air. Then it swipes it’s cupped self into the lake, bringing up hundreds of hidden creatures. They all get flung into the treetops.

“Now there is nothing.”

Sperry wades into the water, his head bobbing enough to keep him alive but apparently not well in the head, since he’s still avoiding the biggest question.

“Where is this?” He’s still not well.

“…I don’t really know.” The voice beyond admits.

“I refuse to believe that.”


“”Of course not. You can break my house, my routine, and bring me to a place that you don’t know?” His neck strain is larger and his wits have recovered. “What are you? You’re not God. Clearly you’re more impotent than omnipotent. You’re not even close to a god or even a deep-voiced goddess. You get to just do what you want to. Is this some sort of elaborate prank? You know you’d have to get me to sign a release before this goes on TV. And you’d need to blur out my privates, you sicko. What kind of sacrifice am I for this abnormal ritual?”

The gigantic hand floats away.

“WHERE ARE YOU GOING!?!?” Sperry fakes a quick chase but still can’t reveal himself in this secluded place.



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