Farkle’s Friend BoBo

Farkle played card games and shared secrets with his imaginary friend, BoBo. BoBo was honestly kind of a dick but they were still friends because they met during childhood. BoBo lived with Farkle but refused to pay rent, pitch in for utilities, or even do the dishes. BoBo lived like a pig and Farkle enabled it. BoBo had no manners, he walked around the apartment scratching the rotund belly that poked out of his greasy wifebeater, even in front of Farkle’s girlfriend.

Farkle’s other friends and parents told him many, many times to “get rid” of BoBo, but there was still nagging hope in Farkle’s mind that BoBo would change his ways. That he would be better.

The nagging was foresight, because BoBo actually improved. He became considerate. He would listen more than speak. Hell, he paid Farkle some money for causing so much trouble. Unfortunately, BoBo proved to be a full blown asshole by sleeping with Farkle’s girlfriend.

Poor Farkle, his imaginary friends are worse than his insanity.


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