Monthly Archives: June 2013

Mullets Are Due for a Comeback

Mark Pffister leaned his temple on his right arm, while his left index finger tried to coax the rim of his empty glass into making music. Sitting next to him was Lionel Linnskill, who shuffled through a stack of papers and photos. “Last one for today,” Lionel assured. “Thank god,” Mark Pffister said as he […]

We Share

We share a common name by saying Me or My or I.

Keep Making Your Marks

People want to make their mark on the world but they don’t think about how they already make thousands every day. You leave lip marks on cups and spoons and forks and on each other. Your finger prints itself on your keyboard on your phone on your steering wheel on your clothes and on each […]

Sunday Duo

Sunday is traditionally known as the day of rest. Unwind with some tiny stories: Farkle’s Friend BoBo Walk the Block: For Sale

This These

This These thing things helping plaguing my mind mind are great trouble never quitting never quiet please give them life please let them die.